Foça Film Days


We’re proud to announce

that starting on 1 February 2020 we will be accepting submissions for the 3rd Foça International Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Documentary Film Days program.




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3rd Foça International Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Film Days

Foca Film Days aims

  • to introduce to the public important examples of architectural and cultural heritage from Turkey and around the world.
  • to help raise awareness about the importance of heritage conservation
  • to promote inter-cultural understanding
  • to encourage sustainable tourism.

About Foça Film Days

Foça Film Days is a 4-day event taking place on October 2020 that will feature documentary films on archaeological and cultural heritage from around the world. Films will be shown at the Reha Midilli Cultural Centre in Foça, İzmir and will be accompanied by workshops and talks with invited archaeologists and filmmakers from Turkey and abroad. In addition to the daily film screenings, the cultural centre will host exhibitions of photography and artwork by local students as well as stands featuring local agricultural products and other items relating to archaeology and cultural heritage. Archaeologists and local volunteers will be on hand to lead visitors on walking tours of the local excavations and the historical town centre. All film screenings, exhibitions and walking tours are free and open to the public.

Join us on Thursday afternoons in February for 

Foça Film Days - Best of 2019

(Coming from Izmir? For Eski Foça, IZBAN Hatundere + ESHOT No. 744; For Yenibağarası, IZBAN Ulukent + ESHOT No. 750).

  • 6 February
    1:30 p.m.
    Eski Foça | Reha Midilli Cultural Center
  • Bahara Salama
    Darim Alessandro Da Prato Fabrizio Del Dotto ITALY | 2019 | 25' Swahili | Turkish & English Subtitles
  • The Last Sponge Diver
    Sibel Göloğlu Savaş Karakaş TURKEY | 2012 | 50' Turkish | English Subtitles
  • Films will be followed by a talk with Prof. Dr. Vahdet Unal of Ege University Faculty of Sciences, Department of Aquiculture.
  • 20 February
    1:30 p.m.
    Eski Foça | Reha Midilli Cultural Center
  • Children of Flamenco
    Katerina Hager CZECHIA | 2013 | 66' Spanish | Turkish Subtitles
  • 27 February
    1:30 p.m.
    Yenibağarası | Düğün Salonu'Ladies Matinee'
  • Missing Fetine
    Yeliz Shukri Cyprus | 2019 | 75' Turkish-English-Arabic | Turkish & English Subtitles